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Future Under Our Skin (FUOS), led by Prof. Dr. David Fernandez Rivas and Lea Milovich, unfolded on Tuesday, November 28th, at the University of Twente's TechMed Centre. The event centred around the collective vision of leveraging human skin as a transformative platform to improve users' quality of life. This concerted effort holds the potential to shape a more defined and extensive vision, revolutionizing our approach to innovation, overcoming regulatory challenges, and contributing to a sustainable world by reducing the ecological impact of skin-related technologies. FUOS stands as a beacon of hope, guiding us towards a future where collaboration unlocks the untapped potential of human skin, ushering in unprecedented possibilities to enrich lives, drive scientific discoveries, and foster meaningful global transformations.

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Keynote talks by Prof.dr. Samir Mitragotri and Dr. Patrick Anquetil

The event commenced with keynote lectures by Prof. Dr. Samir Mitragotri (Harvard University, USA) and Dr. Patrick Anquetil (CEO, Portal Instruments, USA), offering inspiring examples of current and future innovations. You can review these lectures through the link below if you're curious about them.

Recorded video of the keynote lectures

Inspiring visions about the future

Following this, participants delved into brainstorming sessions, shaping the challenges and opportunities in the future of skin-related research and innovations. Small group discussions explored the roles of society and technology, alongside considerations of business and policy, visually captured by Robert de Groot.

The importance of an open dialogue 

After a plenary wrap-up, the program continued with the Citizen Experience event, where experts and citizens of all ages joined. Prof. Dr. David Fernandez Rivas and Roelof Bleker, Mayor of Enschede, emphasized the role of such events in bridging the gap between science and citizens. The day also highlighted the potential of seamless injections in the future, emphasizing the importance of an open dialogue across all societal layers. Tours of the TechMed Centre featured a captivating demo by a tattoo artist, sparking discussions on the potential role of tattoos in healthcare. Medical specialist Sebastiaan van de Bent addressed the effects of tattoos on the skin, discussing allergic reactions and their potential triggers for skin diseases. The substantive program concluded with a panel discussion on 'How can our skin serve beyond what we just see?' 

Recap of the event

The programme


FUOS23 is organized and made possible by the collaboration of several organizations. In different ways, they are fallen for optimizing health through the use of medical technology.

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