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Future under our skin (FUOS) is the platform set to take place on Tuesday, November 28th at the University of Twente (TechMed Centre). It revolves around the shared vision of harnessing the human skin as a transformative platform to enhance the quality of life for its users. Undoubtedly, this collective effort carries the potential to shape a clearer and more expansive vision, sparking a revolution in how we approach innovation, overcome regulatory challenges, and contribute to a sustainable world by reducing the ecological footprint associated with skin-related technologies. With each step forward, FUOS shines as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path towards a future where the untapped potential of the human skin, when leveraged through collaboration, unlocks unprecedented opportunities to enrich lives, drive scientific discoveries, and foster meaningful transformations on a global scale.

Why we believe that you should join FUOS23

1 full day containing 2 inspiring events

On November 28th, live at the TechMed Centre (on campus of the University of Twente | Enschede) we are organizing 2 separate distinctive events: the Expert Symposium and the Citizen Experience Event. These gatherings aim to foster mutual information exchange, inspiration, and the opportunity to get to know one another better, with the ultimate goal of exploring potential collaborations. Take a look at the programs of both events to determine which one best suits your interests and preferences for participation.

Highlight of the platform

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The FUOS event (April 2019) gathered scientists, medical doctors, tattoo artists, students, and citizens in general around the functionalization of skin. Together, we explored the potential for co-creation with healthy citizens, patients, enterprises and other stakeholders. We have reached an open vision of the current and future role our skin has, as a platform for improving the quality of life. 

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FUOS23 is organized and made possible by the collaboration of several organizations. In different ways, they are fallen for optimizing health through the use of medical technology.

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